Löytö! Lakeland

Youth Camps

We offer you unforgettable week in the pure and beautiful nature environment by a amazing Lake. Cozy accommodation, delicious meals and interesting programme tailored for your group guarantees you a wonderful experience in a quiet, undisturbed and clean surrounding.  Our camping center is safe enviroment for children: Our healthcare system requires official enviroment control, food contol from all camping centers. We also act green. We use green energy and we sort all our garbages. Come to hear the silence!  The duration of a camp can vary from 3 to 5 days.
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Ruunaniemi camp is located in the Saimaa shore. There is accommodation for 43 persons: bunk-beds, en suite bathrooms. Classrooms and accommodation rooms are in the same building. Sauna is by the lake.

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Kyyrönkäita camp is located by the small lake Kaita. There are three different types of accommodation: hotel rooms for two persons (10 rooms), cottages for 5 persons each (11 cottages), and dorm accommodation for about 25 persons. All together Kyyrönkaita camp could accommodate about 100 persons. There is a swimming pool and sauna in the hotel building.  In summer time we use sauna by the lake. If the heat of the sauna is too much, jump into the lake to swim (that is just as we do it). 

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